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Peachtree City Wildlife Reminder | Environment

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Peachtree City Wildlife Reminder

The City would like to remind everyone that our natural areas host a variety of wildlife, including deer, coyotes, raccoons, opossums, foxes, and armadillos.  During the fall season, many animals are in rut and are much more likely to be visible.  While negative interactions with our local wildlife are rare, please take precautions, including keeping small children and pets away, even if the animal is in your yard. 

These animals live throughout our City and will be spotted occasionally along the paths and in yards.  The County Animal Control Department and the PTC Police cannot respond to every wildlife sighting or if an animal is just walking in the area.  Wild animals cannot be captured and relocated by the Police Department or Animal Control.  Contact Fayette County Animal Control (770-631-7210) only to capture and destroy obviously diseased animals, and contact the Police Department only if an animal is attacking or visibly diseased and must be shot.  If a wild animal is frequenting your home or yard, please make sure to remove possible food sources and, if necessary, contact a private pest control company to assist.