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Students Learn the Importance of Handwashing | Community Spirit

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Students Learn the Importance of Handwashing

Mom always told you to wash your hands and she was right. After School Program (ASP) students at Peachtree City Elementary conducted an experiment showing the germs and bacteria that live on unwashed hands. Kids are always told to wash their hands, but many of them don’t understand why adults make such a big deal about it.           

Students in grades 2-5 took cultured samples of bacteria from their hands using Petri dishes. The samples came from dirty hands, hands washed with only water, and hands washed with soap and water. After a few days, the students saw the results that were described by one of them as “totally gross.” Students in the lower grades explored how germs can be spread from hands and surfaces through finger painting.

The experiment was conducted following a video explaining why hand washing is important, as well as proper hand washing techniques. 

Peachtree City Elementary ASP students routinely participate in these types of projects as part of the ASP experience. The goal of ASP is to extend the school day by engaging students in hands-on projects that are fun, educational, and geared toward differing age levels.