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Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa, Author of National Preschool Curriculum WINGS to appear on Focus Atlanta | Business

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Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa, Author of National Preschool Curriculum WINGS to appear on Focus Atlanta
Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa, Author of National Preschool Curriculum WINGS to appear on Focus Atlanta

Author & Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa Batten Lewis, known as Dr. Bisa, released the 2nd edition of WINGS: The Ideal Curriculum for Children in Preschool, available since January 2011 along with five sets of supporting materials for infants, toddlers, preschoolers/pre-k, family/group child care, and after-school programs. The updated WINGS Curriculum Parent Handbook also includes new information on play and learning, along with more resources and forms to support home-learning.  The first edition was launched in 2009 when Dr. Bisa made good on her promise to produce an affordable curriculum that meets and exceeds national standards. Dr. Bisa will be a featured guest with host Keisha Lancelin on Sunday, February 27th at Noon on the CW Network’s “Focus Atlanta”, a locally produced community affairs program geared toward spotlighting leaders in metro Atlanta.

WINGS is an acronym for Wonder, Interests, Needs, Goals and Skills –the essential components of a developmentally and culturally appropriate curriculum. Dr. Bisa designed the WINGS Curriculum to meet the resounding requests of child care providers to obtain a quality, yet practical curriculum addressing the developmental and cultural needs of young children. Dr. Bisa says, “In the ECE profession, we are so good at telling providers what to do, but horrible at showing them how to do it. WINGS Curriculum offers strategies that are simple, yet effective for early childhood educators to implement on a consistent basis.” Dr. Bisa continues, “Many parents and educators frown at the concept of ‘play’, because they have yet to witness appropriate implementations. I wrote WINGS with all teachers and parents in mind. My primary goal was to ensure that any teacher is able to organize and manage her classroom using research-based methods, while showing parents how children learn by ‘doing’.” Through a variety of group activities and exploration, WINGS Curriculum encourages teachers to tell children new concepts and information; show it to them; and then, let them do something with it. “Before you know it, children will be teaching each other, which is the highest level of learning”.

Pamela Whitney, Director of Northside Hospital Child Development Center in Atlanta and part-time university ECE instructor shares, “WINGS provides more 'meat', which my staff needs. We have been NAEYC-accredited for years.”  Whitney continues, “I have had the same staff since I became director 12 years ago and some of my teachers have been here longer than me. We needed a change, after using the same curriculum for so many years. WINGS is the change we needed and allows us to maintain the quality we are conditioned to!”

WINGS Curriculum 2nd edition features include:

*   New section on “Play and Learning”

*   Research updates from NAEYC, Better Brains for Babies, Zero to Three, Copple and Bredekamp, and more…

*   Updated WINGS Curriculum Parent Handbook

*   New! Five WINGS Curriculum Supplements for infants, toddlers, preschoolers/pre-k, family/group child care, and after school care containing 12 months of lesson plan ideas AND 12 months of WINGS Parent Newsletters.

*   e-forms (electronic versions of all WINGS Curriculum forms in fillable format)

*   New! WINGS Curriculum Book of Forms containing new forms for blended programs/mixed age groups, home connections, classroom management, and more.

Learn more about the WINGS Curriculum at www.WINGScurriculum.com and get a sneak peek by tuning in to “Focus Atlanta” this Sunday to hear Dr. Bisa share more about WINGS and the plans to expand the curriculum to meet the needs of parents of children from infancy through age 5.

For more information, please visit www.DrBisa.com.