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What are Georgia's safest and most dangerous cities?

What are Georgia's safest and most dangerous cities?

(ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE) -- Safety is a top concern for people planning to relocate to a new city. Luckily, the national research firm ValuePenguin crunched the numbers in an attempt to determine which areas of Georgia are the safest and most dangerous.

The top 10 safest cities in Georgia:

1. Holly Springs
2. Johns Creek
3. Milton
4. Flowery Branch
5. Tyrone
6. Grovetown
7. Peachtree City
8. Folkston
9. Jefferson
10. Hampton

The top 10 most dangerous cities in Georgia:

1. College Park
2. East Point
3. Atlanta
4. Americus
5. Garden City
6. Union City
7. Albany
8. Brunswick
9. Hapeville
10. Eastman

Police: NY juveniles suspected in fake 911 call

Police: NY juveniles suspected in fake 911 call

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – Authorities have say two juveniles in New York are suspected of triggering a SWAT team response in Peachtree City.

On Friday, a SWAT team responded to a call of a person saying that he had shot his mother, tied up his father and brother, and was going to shoot the police upon their arrival.

After several hours, police realized the call was fake -- another dangerous instance of the practice known as "swatting."

"The dispatcher reported shots in the background which made officers very, very concerned and we had to deploy resources appropriately," said Lt. Mark Brown of the Peachtree City Police Department.

Investigators were able to track the call to an apartment in the Bronx, N.Y., and found two juvenile suspects. New York Police Department Detectives were notified and are now interviewing the juveniles.

World Gym car break-in suspect identified

World Gym car break-in suspect identified

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. -- Police have identified the man accused of breaking into cars at a health club in Peachtree City.

Moses Miller, 35, of Montgomery, Ala., is the suspect in a series of robberies that occurred over the weekend at World Gym on Commerce Drive.

Peachtree City Police said they deployed surveillance cameras in the gym's parking lot. Almost immediately, they obtained footage of the suspect's car and of the man trying to commit more thefts.

Investigators used the car's registration to identify Miller. He is wanted on multiple counts of felony entering auto.

Peachtree City Police would like to remind residents to remove valuables from their cars or keep them out of sight.

Man arrested for robbing Peachtree City teen

Man arrested for robbing Peachtree City teen

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. -- A California man has been charged with felony robbery by sudden snatching for taking money from a teenager in Peachtree City.

Christian Betts-Kopp, 18, is accused of posing as a magazine salesman to steal from his 16-year-old victim.

The crime happened Monday afternoon, when Betts-Kopp and another man knocked on the victim's door at the Balmoral Village Apartments. The victim said they told her they were college students selling magazine subscriptions.

Police said the men convinced the victim to take them to an ATM to withdraw cash for a donation. Once she entered her PIN, one of the men pushed her out of the way and took the money.

Betts-Kopp was arrested after Peachtree City Police received a tip. An investigation determined he was charged with robbery, battery and mob action in Lincoln, Ill., where he beat a victim while posing as a magazine salesman.

Personal Safety Tips

Personal Safety Tips

By Greg Norred, CEO, Norred & Associates

Over the course of your life, the chances of being the victim of a crime are at least one in three, higher if you live in a large city, and higher still if you’re a woman. The criminal’s objective is to maximize gain and minimize risk, and he’ll usually pick the easiest target with the most to offer. Given these odds, it pays to take precautions by following some basic safety rules:

VIDEO: Crash ends dramatic police chase in Tyrone

VIDEO: Crash ends dramatic police chase in Tyrone

TYRONE, Ga. – Two robbery suspects were taken to the hospital after a police chase in Tyrone on Friday.

The suspects allegedly stole boxes from the Bed, Bath and Beyond on Highway 74 on Peachtree Parkway in Peachtree City

Police in Tyrone spotted their vehicle and followed it.

When the car stopped at a BP gas station, one suspect got out while two more drove off, leading police on a chase.

The chase went through Fairburn and then onto I-85 north toward Union City and back onto Highway 74.

That's when the suspect's car collided with a truck that was pulling out of a store on Highway 74.

The car spun out of control and t-boned a utility pole.

Both suspects were injured and taken to the hospital.

Driver charged with DUI after passing stopped school bus

Driver charged with DUI after passing stopped school bus

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – A driver is facing DUI and other charges after being caught on camera passing a school bus stopped at a light.

An officer with the Peachtree City Police Department was on patrol near Booth Middle School Tuesday afternoon when dashcam captured the incident.

A school bus full of children was stopped at a light. As it pulled off, a driver started passing the bus on the right and rolled up on the curb.

The officer caught up with the driver, who is being charged with DUI.