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'The Walking Dead' star arrested on DUI in Peachtree City | News

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'The Walking Dead' star arrested on DUI in Peachtree City

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. -- 'The Walking Dead' star Scott Wilson was arrested for DUI and failure to maintain lane in Peachtree City, last week. 

According to a police report, an officer observed a PT Cruiser driving erratically in the area of Highway 74. The officer made a U-turn, began to pursue the vehicle and performed a routine traffic stop. 

According to the officer, during the stop he noticed a "strong" stench of alcohol coming from the vehicle. Wilson told the officer he was leaving Founder's Restaurant in Senioa and that he had several drinks --- namely scotch and wine. 

The officer administered a number of sobiety tests, during which he noted that Wilson exhibited difficulty holding his head still, had blood shot eyes and was unable to walk in a straight line. 

During the tests, Wilson asked the arresting officer if he could "do some yoga moves because he does yoga and those moves are no problem for him." Wilson, also, blew samples of 0.151 and 0.155 during a breath alcohol test. 

Wilson was driving approximately 70 miles per hour when he was stopped. He was placed under arrest and cited for failure to maintain lane and DUI.