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Peachtree City's council votes against proposed water park | News

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Peachtree City's council votes against proposed water park

PEACHTREE CITY, GA (WXIA) – Hundreds of Peachtree City residents rallied to prevent a new water park, and it appears they may have gotten their way.


So many people attended Thursday night's city council meeting, that dozens of them had to watch through the windows from outside of City Hall. The question the city council had to deal with is whether the proposed water park was "out of character" for one of metro Atlanta's most meticulously planned communities.

After about three hours, the answer became crystal clear. The members of the council listened to both sides of the discussion before voting no, unanimously. They said they felt there were still too many questions about the 38 acre development and its impact on the quality of life in a city where quality of life is of the highest priority.

"I think they are a wonderful company, but it was obvious that there were certain things that needed to be fleshed out for the citizens – and when the answers weren't there, that was my deciding factor," said Peachtree City Mayor Vanessa Fleisch.

"We're obviously disappointed, but that's how the public system works, and the government works. We presented our plan and they didn't accept it," said Kim Schaffer, CEO of developer Great Wolf Lodge. "We're still very committed to this general area, coming somewhere in Georgia, so we'll continue our search, but obviously, we're disappointed."

There is still hope on the part of the company, that the water park may end up somewhere in metro Atlanta, and apparently there has been some interest expressed by some communities.