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Help Desk presents disabled woman with new golf cart | News

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Help Desk presents disabled woman with new golf cart

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. -- It was back in November that we profiled a young woman who refused to let a crippling disease hold her back in life.

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Ashley Kurpiel participated in a wheelchair race and was successful by reaching the finish line. Now, Ashley is facing yet another setback.

Bandits have stolen the wheels she depends on to get around town. But there's a happy ending to this story.

It's a loaner for now -- thanks to Kurpiel's 90-year-old grandfather who gave up the wheels of his golf cart to his granddaughter who once had her own transportation. That is, until it was stolen from her apartment complex.

"We think it had been gone since early Friday," she said.

It was her only means of getting around in the small town of Peachtree City.

"I go to the store, I go out to eat," Kurpiel said. "I go to my friends house - I go to church - the doctor."

To make matters worse, the woman suffers from a disease that turns her muscles into bone.

"I'm so frustrated, upset, I cried - I screamed and I hollered," she said. "It's like my vehicle ... I do want my golf cart back. They're not cheap. It's my baby."

No need to keep Ms. Ashley waiting. We reached out to Bill Liss and the Help Desk and, boy, was Ashley in for a huge surprise.

Bill caught up with Frank Kadkodian, who owns Golf Rider. And in cooperation with Yamaha, the business owner presented the woman with keys to a new golf cart.

An emotional moment for a woman who can now get back on the road and return grandpa's wheels so the both of them can enjoy 100 miles of golf cart trails.