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Dog Owners Offer Big Reward for Missing Family Pets | News

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Dog Owners Offer Big Reward for Missing Family Pets

PEACHTREE CITY, GA - "Since Saturday we couldn't sleep because we just miss 'em very much," Kim Wingo told 11 Alive News.

She and husband Jim both miss the family pets that someone stole from their pickup last Saturday evening.

It happened outside the Hibachi Grill and Buffet in Norcross where they were celebrating a nephew's college graduation.

When they returned to their truck they found the front passenger window smashed, possibly by a screwdriver that left its marks around the door seal.

Although there were other valuables in the pickup, the only things missing were their two miniature poodles, Lulu, a rescue dog they'd only had a few months, and Layla, who they'd had 4 years.

"There were plenty of things in the truck they could have taken, clothes, cash, many things in the truck that they could have taken, but they only took the dogs," Jim said.

It's still not clear why someone would have stolen just their pets, but last month 11 Alive's CIA investigative team did a story on "pet flipping", an all too common scheme where people adopt or steal pets and sell them on social websites.

"It's possible that these people just took the dogs because they were cute and they wanted to have something for their children, but I can tell you that they are our children and we miss them very much," Jim added.

The couple is paying people to hand out missing flyers in English and Spanish, offering a $1,500 cash reward.

"We give out the reward, no questions asked, if anyone returns them," Kim said.

The Wingos regret not having micro chipped their pets to help keep track of them.

In addition to the flyers, they and friends are also checking the internet to see if someone might be trying to sell them.

They're asking anyone who might know the dogs' whereabouts to contact them at 404-438-9662.