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PEACHTREE CITY: Golfer sets Guinness World Record | News

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PEACHTREE CITY: Golfer sets Guinness World Record

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. -- He's had 197 days to talk to himself, to beat himself up, to shank and slice and hook thousands of golf balls. On Tuesday, Jimmy Daniel set a new Guiness World Record for number of holes played in a year, except he did it in just six months.

Daniel has played 611 rounds of golf, more than 11,000 holes, playing every single day since April 25.

"Typically I can play under 10.5 hours, 11 hours," he said.

The pros play 72 holes over four days in the Grand Slams. Daniel plays that many holes a day most days of the week, walking at least 18 of those holes. His friends think he's living the dream.

Daniel does not agree.

"It's brutal," he said. "I still love golf, but it's hard to play. It's a mental challenge. When things go wrong, the day is 20 hours long."

Every time he feels he can't hit one more ball, he thinks of his dad.

"My father died of a massive heart attack," he said.

Daniel's mom has had two heart attacks. He himself has had some early warning signs, so he took time away from being a nationally successful music recording engineer to do this for Heart of the Green, a charity that raises heart disease awareness. Tournaments will be held at courses around the nation next year.

"We're going to distribute defibrillators, teach good quality CPR, and remind people the most important thing is to call 911 immediately," Daniel said.

Why golf for heart disease? Because golf clubs are filled with community leaders and Daniel is a networking king.

11Alive News was with him at Planterra Ridge Golf Course in Peachtree City on his 11,003th hole when he hit the putt to beat the world record. He missed it by an inch, parring the hole.

But this was never about being the best. It was about not quitting.

Without much fanfare, Jimmy got in his cart and headed for the next tee, the father he lost very much with him along the way.

"Yes he was, always is," Daniel said. "I think he'd be really happy."

For more information on Daniel's cause visit his website, HeartoftheGreen.org.