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Atlanta among 5 worst weather airports in U.S. | News

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Atlanta among 5 worst weather airports in U.S.

ATLANTA -- Monday's rain comes on one of the worst days possible, the busiest travel day of the Thanksgiving period.

Adding holiday and business travelers to the mix could make Monday even more hectic at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which was recently named one of the five worst weather airports in the U.S., according to The Weather Channel.

"Atlanta has such a high volume," said Jen Carfagno, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel. "We have a lot of bad weather days, thunderstorm days or days with low clouds or fog."

Carfagno is known as the Atlanta-based Weather Channel's travel guru. She said Atlanta's status the world's busiest airport and a major airline hub is a major factor in its worst weather ranking.

"All airlines seem to converge at the Atlanta airport," she said. "When there's bad weather here, their flights can't get in on time, so the next flight doesn't go out on time. That causes delays in New York City, Miami or someplace else."

The Weather Channel released its list of five worst weather airports this month. It includes Newark, Denver, San Francisco and Chicago.

The Atlanta ranking references the January 2011 snow storm that dumped more than four inches at the airport in two days.

"Ice and snow, you can't roll down a runway with that. You can't stop," Carfagno said. "So that shuts down an airport, and the Atlanta area got hit hard. We don't have the equipment to clear the runways like some Northern airports."

Spring thunderstorms pose a bigger threat for Hartsfield-Jackson, with an average of 48 thunderstorm days a year, according to The Weather Channel.