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Weekend Traffic outlook w/ Nina Brown 6/24 - 6/26

Atlanta --  Nina Brown in the Traffic Jam Center, gives us the weekend rundown and what to expect on the major highways this weekend.

Thursday morning Traffic Jam update with Nina Brown

Atlanta --  Nina Brown from the Traffic Jam Center says to watch out for the commute on 20 to the downtown connector and an accident on Bouldercrest.

Good thing is that there is no rain in the forecast for the evening commute.

Follow Nina for up to the minute traffic conditions on Twitter @11AliveTraffic .

Nina in the Traffic Jam says Tuesday's 6/14 Morning Commute looks pretty normal

Atlanta --  Tuesday 6/14 morning commute looks pretty good. No major delays. Look out for the Braves game this early evening. 1st pitch is at 7:30

Make sure to follow Nina Brown and the Traffic Jam @11AliveTraffic for all the latest updates!

Monday 6/13 Traffic Update

Atlanta, GA --  Atlanta rush hour will be affected today by an overturned tractor trailer, and believe it or not, Zombies...

Log on every morning before you head out the door to find out what you can expect from the morning commute!

Celebrate National Battery Day at Local Batteries Plus Store

Celebrate National Battery Day at Local Batteries Plus Store

PEACHTREE CITY — National Battery Day is celebrated annually on February 18th, the birthday of Allesandro Volta, who is regarded as the first inventor of the electric cell and battery. Batteries Plus, the nation’s largest battery retailer is celebrating “National Battery Day” on February 18th by offering free car/truck battery and electrical system testing from February 18th – 20th.

The free testing will take place at the Peachtree City store, located at 170 Peachtree East Shopping Center in Peachtree City, GA. Also, customers who come in during the month of February can receive $15 off the purchase of a laptop battery by mail in rebate.

Jane Watt, owner of three, woman-owned, veteran certified Batteries Plus locations in Georgia is celebrating “National Battery Day” at her three locations in: Decatur, Stockbridge and Peachtree City.

Watts spent four years in the coast guard in the early 1980s.

The Roads are Open; We Have Your Traffic Information at 11Alive.com

All the roads in Metro Atlanta are open today. You need to pack a huge load of patience while you get going though. There are many delays out there. For details on particular routes, check http://11alive.com/traffic.


The left lanes have ice in them. Stay out of those left lanes. Assume that all overpasses have ice on them; many have glaze ice that you will not be able to see until you are on them.

ALL of the on and off ramps have ice in them. Approach them slowly and carefully. If you speed onto an offramp or try to turn suddenly, you will slide and crash.


All have some ice on them. Most with three lanes ordinarily are down to two; most with two lanes regularly, are down to one lane.