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PTC Police Department: Scam Alert | Crime

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PTC Police Department: Scam Alert

The PTC Police Department has released an alert about a confirmed scam that has been occurring frequently in our city and throughout the surrounding areas. 

Scenario 1 - Victims selling items via the Internet receive payment with a check for an amount significantly more than the asking price, and the buyer asks the victim to deposit the check and wire a third person the difference. The checks are fraudulent, and victims do not find out until after wiring the money. 

Scenario 2 – The victim receives an email about a business opportunity or an easy way to make some extra “holiday money,” and all that is required is to cash a check, wire most of the money to the offender, and keep the remainder.  In this case, the check is either completely fraudulent or is a stolen check from a real person or company. Both scenarios result in the victim losing money. 

If you are a Peachtree City resident and have been a victim of this scam, please contact the Police Department at 770-487-8866.