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Starr's Mill Students Win Award for Toilet of the Future | Business

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Starr's Mill Students Win Award for Toilet of the Future
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In an adapted version of the Japanese “High Tech” toilet, three Starr’s Mill students have envisioned a toilet that will analyze a person’s urine, blood pressure, temperature and weight while sending the data directly to a physician who can authorize an immediate in-home treatment to cure illness.

Students Kevin Thomas, Carol Thomas and Casey Slaggert are the three inventors of “Dr. John” and the winners of the Future Fayette 2030 Contest sponsored by the Rotary Club of Peachtree City, in conjunction with the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce.

The winning team was announced at the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce Community Expo held at New Hope Baptist Church on September 14. Each team members received a netbook and Starr’s Mill was awarded $500.

The goal of the competition was to get high school students thinking about products and services that would be included in “smart communities”, or communities of the future. These students believe that in-home health monitoring systems are the “wave of the future”, and will be the key to living longer by detecting and curing diseases and illnesses before they become life threatening.

The mockup of the toilet the students created for the competition features a hypothetical patient, Jack, whose medical toilet detected the onset of lung cancer. With a simple injection of “nano-bots”, the cancerous cells were destroyed and Jack was cured.

The students predicted that life expectancy would go from 78 to 150 years of age, for most people.

Business, Schools