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BEST SPOTS: Trick or Treating | Community Spirit

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BEST SPOTS: Trick or Treating
BEST SPOTS: Trick or Treating

ATLATNTA – I’m sure we all remember the days Halloween and Trick-or-Treating was more of a sport than a spectacle. And when everyone wanted to know in which neighborhood you could find king-sized Snicker bars or full-sized bags of M&M’s. Well, according to a survey conducted by Zillow, not much has changed.

The website has composed a list of the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treaters to acquire the best treats and, to no surprise, the festive Virginia Highland neighborhood, tops the list.

Virginia Highland, is, perhaps one of the most coveted trick-or-treating neighborhoods with its considerable home values, large number of single family homes and family friendly atmosphere, which arrarently translates into high-quality candy for trick or treaters.

The next neighborhood, on the list, is the Morningside/Lenox Park neighborhood which is situated north of the Virginia Highland neighborhood. This neighborhood is known as one of the premiere inTown suburbs because of its high occurrence of families. This neighborhoods family rate makes it a choice destination for trick-or-treaters looking to go home with the biggest bag.

The list also mentions Inman Park, Brookhaven and Garden Hills. The Inman Park neighborhood is full of grand Victorian homes that may look like haunted houses, themselves, however this neighborhood is also considerably involved and community minded.

These neighborhoods, also, have lower traffic and crime rates. However, the neighborhoods listed are also popular with adults looking for Halloween parties so be sure to steer clear of coeds and young adults on the North Highland Avenue stretch.