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Community Safety Reminder – Report Suspicious Activity | Community Spirit

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Community Safety Reminder – Report Suspicious Activity
Community Safety Reminder – Report Suspicious Activity

PEACHTREE CITY – (PTC Updates) A burglary incident last week in a Peachtree City neighborhood reminds us all to be vigilant in reporting suspicious activity to the Police Department. The Peachtree City Police Department reminds all residents of these basic crime prevention tips:

  • Keep doors (home, garage, out buildings, and vehicles) closed and locked at all times - even when you're home.
  • Turn garage door openers off at night. Most newer models have a switch on the wall control to either lock the system down or turn the power off.
  • Pick up mail and newspapers – these may make it look like no one is at home. If you leave town, have a friend or neighbor pick up these items for you.
  • If you leave valuables in vehicles, place them out of sight – under a seat, in the glove box or console, in the trunk, etc.
  • Call 911 or 770-461-HELP (4357) ANY TIME you see or hear something suspicious. MANY crimes have been prevented or solved and several people have found themselves in jail based on citizen reports of mundane suspicious activity.

If an incident occurs, refrain from touching anything at the crime scene and call 911 immediately