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Drive First - Great Hang Up Campaign | News

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Drive First - Great Hang Up Campaign
Drive First - Great Hang Up Campaign

ATLANTA -11Alive is committed to the Great Hang Up campaign which is why we continue to bring you new ideas to help keep you and your family safe on the road.

Sprint has released a new app for your smart phone that will disable the phone while you drive.

"Go to Sprint.com forward slash'Drive First'," Kristen Wallace of Sprint said, as she demonstrated how it works.

However, that wasn't good enough for us. We needed to put it to the test.

The app is supposed to disable the phone after you go over 10 miles per hour. It tracks your progress by tracking the phone from cell towers.

Also, if you make a phone call and then drive, the app will disconnect your call.

After a few start-up hiccups, on our test drive, it worked! You can disable the app or bypass it to call 911 while you're moving.

However, if your teen or family member does disable the app afer it's been activated. A message will be sent to the person who installed it.

"The parent would get a message saying it has been disabled and you'd be able to communicate with your child and determine how you want to handle that situation," Wallace said.

There are other apps that can do the same thing. Sprint charges $2.00 dollars a month for its 'Drive First' app.