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Plane catches fire, passengers evacuated at Atlanta airport | News

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Plane catches fire, passengers evacuated at Atlanta airport
Plane catches fire, passengers evacuated at Atlanta airport

ATLANTA - Passengers aboard an Atlanta-bound Delta flight were evacuated after the plane caught fire upon landing Saturday afternoon.

Flight #2284 from Pittsburgh landed at Hartsfield-Jackson airport at 4:14pm when the brakes overheated and started a fire, according to Delta Airlines representative Leslie Parker.

FAA officials report that a blown tire started the fire.

There were 43 passengers and 5 crew members aboard the MD-88 plane, but no major injuries reported. Four passengers were treated at the scene and released.

"The landing was really bumpy. It was like you were in a car and had a really bad flat tire," said passenger Mary Lou Ruffin.

"It was a while before we actually stopped, so by that time there was a lot of smoke and a lot of smell of burned rubber, and by that time you could see the flames."

Passengers evacuated from the back of the plane using an emergency inflatable slide. Fire trucks responded quickly to put out the fire. The landing was so loud, guests at a nearby hotel said they were startled by the noise.

"It was a big boom, just a big boom," said Skip Saunders. "I suppose it must have happened in front of the hotel. A few minutes later there was a smaller boom."

Kyle Dunst saw the landing from his hotel balcony.

"We heard a big boom and saw a line of smoke behind the plane," he told 11Alive. "Then there was another boom and the fire got a lot bigger." 

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport spokesman John Kennedy says there were no delays and no impact to airport operations.

The FAA and NTSB are investigating the incident.