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Prevent the dreaded Memorial Day hangover | News

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Prevent the dreaded Memorial Day hangover
Prevent the dreaded Memorial Day hangover

ATLANTA - When a Memorial Day weekend's forecast includes sunny skies and highs in the upper 80s - 9s on the WIZometer - there's a good bet people will be spending a lot of time outside. 

And when people spend a lot of time out by the pool or on the lake, there's probably alcohol around.

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can have devastating consequences. So, it's always a good policy to drink responsibly, assign a designated driver and keep things safe when you're drinking. 

But, as anybody who's had a little too much to drink will tell you, the dreaded hangover is the most common consequence of over-drinking.

That being said, avoiding a hangover is easy, if you follow some common sense tips offered by Dr. Randy Martin of Piedmont Hospital.

Don't drink too much

"The obvious thing is do not drink too much," Dr. Martin said in a video posted to HealthWatchMD.com. "You only metabolize about an ounce of alcohol an hour, so do not have more than one drink per hour."

Eat a big meal before drinking

"This is the one time it is a good idea to eat a rich meal," Dr. Martin said. "It will slow down the absorption of the alcohol and help protect your stomach."

Drink plenty of water

"Keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking water between alcoholic beverages and before and after sleep," Dr. Martin said.

Use acetaminophen sparingly

"Too much acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) and alcohol taken together is a major cause of liver toxicity," Dr. Martin said. "If you are drinking two drinks a day, you should not take more than two grams of acetaminophen in a 24-hour period."

Hangover squared

Finally, The Hangover Part 2 opens in theaters this weekend. The film promises plenty of laughs that might just cure your actual hangover.  (BTW, that tip comes from the writer, not Dr. Martin.)