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7 named to Deal's immigration review board

7 named to Deal's immigration review board

ATLANTA -- Seven people have been appointed to a newly created board to look into complaints about state and local officials failing to comply with state laws related to immigration.

The Immigration Enforcement Review Board was created by the state's tough new law targeting illegal immigration.

Appointed by Gov. Nathan Deal are Americans for Immigration Control spokesman Phil Kent, former Fulton County GOP chairman Shawn Hanley and lawyer Ben Vinson. Appointed by Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle are Dallas Mayor Boyd Austin and Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager. Appointed by House Speaker David Ralston are lawyer Robert Mumford and Colquitt County Commissioner Terry Clark.

The board will have the power to investigate complaints, hold hearings, subpoena documents and witnesses, and take disciplinary action.

LOCAL PROFILE: Clayton County Commission Chairman, Eldrin Bell

JONESBORO, Ga. -- Eldrin Bell is a local legend in Atlanta local law enforcement and politics.

Recently, the Where U Live spoke with him about his history in Atlanta and his current position in Clayton County.

Tracking programs created to bring jobs to Georgia

Tracking programs created to bring jobs to Georgia

ATLANTA -- With Georgia's unemployment rate remaining in double digits, 11Alive journalists are busy digging into three programs that promised to create jobs.

One of them is the federal stimulus program.

According to the state's Stimulus Accountability website, the federal government has granted Georgia approximately $3.2 billion in stimulus funds. Georgia's unemployment rate was around 8.8 percent just prior to the start of the stimulus program. Two years later, unemployment has risen to the current rate of 10.1 percent.

Where are the stimulus jobs?

In Paulding County, the stimulus program is getting mixed reviews.

Paulding County has received approximately $46 million in federal stimulus funds. The unemployment rate there was 6 percent in 2008 before the stimulus program. Unemployment in Paulding has risen to its current rate of 10.6 percent.

1,901 Georgia elected officials failed to file disclosures on time

1,901 Georgia elected officials failed to file disclosures on time

ROSWELL-- One thousand nine hundred and one elected officials in Georgia missed a deadline to disclose their campaign finances by June 30, according to the state Ethics Commission. 

Most of them are down-ballot politicians little-known outside their locales.  11Alive News obtained the list after filing a request under the Georgia Open Records Act.

RELATED: List of non/late-filers as of June 30, 2011

One of those named is the mayor of Roswell.

"I thought I'd filed everything, so it's a surprise," said Mayor Jere Wood.  "I'll have to look into it," he said after an 11Alive News reporter informed Wood of his presence on the list.

Is legislative redistricting "transparent?"

Is legislative redistricting "transparent?"

ATLANTA -- It may be to the state Capitol what Area 51 is to the Nevada desert -- a place shrouded in mystery, with red letters warning against entry, and black curtains blocking the glass.

It's next to the reapportionment committee office. It's the room where the maps are made.

"They've got computers in there, a lot of equipment and stuff," said Rep. Roger Lane, chairman of the House Reapportionment Committee. Lane couldn't explain why the windows were blacked out, though. "I didn't do it. I don't know."

The maps are the legislative boundaries, redrawn during a special session of the legislature based on 2010 census data. The process, behind the glass, is touted by Republicans as "transparent."

"It's been the most transparency I've seen in the system in twenty years," said Sen. Don Balfour, Republican chairman of the Rules Committee.

NAACP: Fayette elections disenfranchise blacks

NAACP: Fayette elections disenfranchise blacks

FAYETTE CO., Ga. -- The Georgia and Fayette County NAACP have joined 11 Fayette County voters in a lawsuit against the county, alleging that its practice of at-large elections is disenfranchising black voters.

The federal lawsuit was filed Tuesday.

According to the 2010 Census, Fayette County is nearly 73 percent white and 21 percent black. The lawsuit says no black candidate has ever been elected to the county's board of commissioners or board of education.

Supporters say Fayette's at-large election method violates the federal Voting Rights Act and creates a "wall of exclusion that guarantees that black voters . . . cannot elect their candidates of choice."

The lawsuit calls for the creation of five equally-populated election districts, giving black residents one district where they would comprise the majority of the voting-age population.

Fayette GOP to host "First Saturday Breakfast"

Fayette GOP to host "First Saturday Breakfast"

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. – On Saturday, the Fayette County GOP will host their “First Saturday Breakfast”.

The First Saturday Breakfast will be hosted by author and columnist Phil Kent at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) in Fayetteville.

Phil will have copies of his books on hand for purchase. Please contact Lane Wyatt of the Fayette County GOP with any other questions.

The breakfast will begin, promptly; at 9 a.m. IHOP is located at 705 North Jeff Davis Drive in Fayetteville.